My Payot Nuit

This night cream is suitable for all skin types, But particularly good for tired skin and Stressed skin. It is formulated to restore the radiance of the complexion by nourishing and fortifying the skin, also repairing the epidermis.


On a perfect cleaned skin in circular upwards movements on the face. Avoid eye contour.


Retail : 50 ml jar


Active Ingredients & Benefits

Hazelnut oil, to improve cellular cohesion and nourish the epidermis.

Goji berries, to reinforces the immune system, and protect from free radicals and stimulates the cells energy.

Acaï berries, are rich in flavonoides, they activate the blood micro ciruclation and reactivate the luminosity of the skin.

Thanks to its composition in vitamins and minerals, it regulates water into the skin

Active Bifidus, are microorganisms which reinforce natural defenses against external aggressions.


My Payot Nuit