My Payot Sleeping Pack

This mask is suitable for all skin types. It has a fresh, light and non-sticky texture. Tis mask will help combat signs of fatigue by acting while you sleep. It allows the skin to recover better during the night.

It will revive radiance and visibly improve skin quality.


Apply in a thin layer in the evening to the entire face and neck. Use twice or three times a week, or in cases of extreme fatigue, instead of your usual night cream.

Retail size: 50 ml tube


The active ingredients in this product are: Goji Berries, to reinforce the immune system, protect from free radicals and stimulate cell energy.

Acai Berries, rich in flavonoides, they activate the blood micro ciruclation and reactivate the luminosity of the skin.

Thanks to its composition in vitamins and minerals, it regulates water into the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, moisturises and plumps.

Silk tree extract, combats skin fatigue: energises, revives, stimulates.

Polymer, forms a film on the skin to retain the active ingredients and allow them to be diffused throughout the night.


My Payot Sleeping Pack